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Our advisor-managed platforms allow our investment advisors to be in control of the investment management process.

Wealth Advisor: Under this discretionary fee-based program, clients pay minimal transaction charges for an annual asset-based fee and receive quarterly performance reports.  Clients can hold stocks, bonds, and select institutional mutual funds in the account. The available custodians include Schwab Institutional, Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services and TD Ameritrade Institutional. Many advisors use this program to implement their model portfolios. Investment Advisors Corp. has a variety of tools and templates available to assist our advisors in implementing their strategies.

Advisor One: This non-discretionary program is designed for investors who desire investment advice from their advisor but want to retain final trading authority. The program fee includes asset management advice, 20 free trades per calendar year, $25 transaction charges to the clients per trade after 20 trades (with no ticket charges to the advisor) and quarterly performance reporting. Clients can hold stocks, bonds and select institutional mutual funds in the account.

Custom Choice: This mutual fund wrap program combines client-directed portfolio construction with an advisor's informed, personalized advice. The program includes more than 4,000 institutional-class, no-load funds and load-waived mutual funds. It features portfolio tracking with periodic performance reports.


Through our relationships with many third-party asset managers, our advisors are able to simplify their practice and improve efficiency by outsourcing many time-consuming aspects of their business. Our third-party asset management partners include Curian, Genworth, SEI Investments and many more.

First Clearing
Advisors who are dually-registered with our broker-dealer affiliate, Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp., may simplify their advisory business by using the brokerage custodian First Clearing. First Clearing has multiple programs available for clients of all sizes.

First Clearing, LLC is a separate registered broker dealer and non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.

Unified and Separately Managed Accounts
Hundreds of large and boutique money managers are available through Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade and First Clearing. Client assets are visible on the custodian's website and accounts are included on a consolidated client statement.  The programs at each of the custodians include:

    - Schwab Institutional: Schwab Select, Market Place, and Access
    - TD Ameritrade: Placemark's UMAX and the Separate Account Exchange
    - Fidelity Institutional: Separate Account Network

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