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The coaching program we commonly use is available through our relationship with First Clearing. The program is available to qualifying advisors. First Clearing's Growth AcceleratorSM program is a comprehensive program designed to deliver tools, theory and proven best practices to help take an advisor's business to the next level. Components of the program include:

Initial Diagnostic Review
The centerpiece of Growth Accelerator is the growth plan, which begins with a comprehensive diagnostic review based on the advisor's business and goals. The analysis takes into account more than 50 business-building factors, including the advisor's current business model, marketing programs, book segmentation, service model, investment panning, product mix and use of available technology.

Technology and Product Platform Optimization
The program includes proactive support to help advisors leverage available technology and product offerings to maximize growth potential.

Practice Management Programs
Each growth plan includes self-study or instructor-led modules from practice management programs that are designed to help advisors structure their business to acquire the clients they most want to serve. The program also includes assistance in maximizing the use of the advisor's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

One-on-One Professional Coaching
Participating advisors are assigned a dedicated growth consultant who supports their progress through the growth plan's prescribed action steps.

Growth AcceleratorSM is a registered service mark of Wells Fargo & Company and used under license.


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